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       The Church       

The church at Rennes le Chateau is today dedicated to Marie Madeleine. It hasn't always been so. The oldest written sources mentioning it as dedicated to "Beate Maria".

When it has been changed, we can not say for sure, but it is much before the priest Berenger Sauniere in 1885 comes to Rennes le Chateau.

When the churches in the old days was built in the direction of the sunrise on a certain feastday it fits exactly with September 17th, formerly "Maria's day". This day the sun rises in the direction 86o.

The sunrise can be seen on the video to the right. The Church direction of east is not 90o but 86o. It can be seen in the drawing. Click to enlarge.

The center line is one of the three main lines that go through the church. See more under the geometry.

The entrance includes elements to the understanding of the church.

ItIt is now facing south. Previously, there was entrance in the west.

The door  is constructed by Pythagoras' principle: 1-2-3-4.

1 is the point, the divine. 2 are the two pillars that form precondition for creation. 3 is the triangle that connects these two forces, forming the balance between heaven and earth. 4, the rectangle representing the earth. This pattern is inside the church, on the altar, the 14 stations etc.

In the center of the triangle is Mary Magdalene with a crucifix.

The many symbols inside the church can be interpreted in several ways. Of course, the Catholic meaning, but they can also be assigned a masonic importance.

The round window in the east is interesting, since the location is special. The female round window is usually located either in the west, south or north.

The scene shown in the window, is also unusual. Here is a meal, where only  wine and bread are served.

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