Rennes les Bains

Blanche - Negre

Rennes-les-Bains is an old spa town. The Phoenicians and Romans have used water from the many different sources into spas.

From the late 1700s to about 1900, the village had its golden age.

There are hot springs 32-51o, and sources with different mineral content. The sources and the many minerals in the mountains around Rennes les Bains is the reason why many alchemists in the Middle Ages lived here and in neighboring towns. In particular, some sources with a gold content has been interesting.

Once in Rennes les Bains in the summer, is the first impression many people, life, culture, music, .... river Sals that slowly flows through the city. But it can also be different. The area is steeped in dualism, not just thought wise, but also in nature. The river may by a lot of rain  be very violent.

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