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Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl is known as a musician, writer and tour guide to Southern Frakrig. Perhaps the most well-known book by Lars is Grail Trilogy - in english "The O Manuscript"

Lindhardt & Ringhof 2012

"How God blinks of an eye."

John Cleese, comedian

"One of the most unusual books I've read in my 35 years as a publisher."

Michael Mann, Watkins Publishing

"An extraordinary book, written by an extraordinary man."

Henry Lincoln, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail"

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Lindhardt and Ringhof 2006

"This is an excellent spiritual book. Not just because it goes into the heart's deep and spirituality essence, but also because side by side is adorned with brilliant spiritual experiences. In addition, the book's narrative structure and poetic language of so high class that these qualities alone makes it recommendable. "

Lars Harrekilde, New Aspect

"The book contains a showdown with so many habitual notions and contains so many" suggestions "to the way forward ... It is an important book, it crowns  deepens the previous two. The book shows us modern people, what we are and what we can become what it (also) can mean to be seeking soul in 2006. the book is manna in the desert of our advertising, entertainment, pornography and anxiety-provoking, superficial news. "

Gunnar Hansen, Wisdom Magazine

These three works were published in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

The three books are later collected in a book "Grail Trilogy". This book was later translated into English and published under the title "The O Manuscript"

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