Renting out

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Renting out

"Villa Negre" is located in Rennes les Bains, which has been a spa town since Roman times. The house can be traced as far back and it is opposite a hot spring.


The present house is probably built around 1550 and then rebuilt several times. The house has served as a "loge" for spa guests for centuries. It is seen from the inscriptions in the walls.


We bought the house in 2004 and has since renovated it. Our idea is to create a place where it is possible to search the area's culture in food, wine, history, philosophy, religion, nature, etc.


We have therefore established a library of relevant materials and a conference room.


Are you more than we can accommodate, we would like to help in finding suitable accommodation, and we will arrange for larger groups.


In "Villa Negre" we rent

• apartment "Negre" 2-4 persons

• chambre "DUO" 2 persons