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Nos vidéos peuvent être visionnées directement, ou vous pouvez regarder en plein écran en cliquant sur l'image dans le coin inférieur droit - ou sur YouTube. Profitez.

Nature est multiforme et pourtant simple. Une quantité incroyable de fleurs ont cinq pétales. Une étoile à cinq branches?

La Lumière est le résultat d'une visite à la Mezquita à Cordoue. Cette mosquée fait face directement au sud. Par conséquent, le soleil envoie ses rayons dans la mosquée vers midi. Formés incroyablement belles images de rayons lumineux et de couleurs.

On 17 January, you can see a special light phenomenon in the church at Rennes les Chateau. It is called "Pommes Bleues", or "Blue Apples". The name refers to the light spots formed on the north wall.

But the essential takes place on and around the pulpit.

Light phenomenon starts a little before 12 and reaches its maximum at 12:15 pm.

This video tells a little about the summer 2014

For several years I had a dream - to see the sun rolling up the mountain Cardou near Rennes-les-Bains.

By Autumn Equinox 2011 I succeeded.

Place of recording is on one of the central locations in the grand natural temple around the two Rennes.

Enjoy the pictures,  and wonder why the sun follows the hillside, which has the same slope as the Egyptian pyramids.

Water is one of the four elements. This video tells a little about this item.

Kungsträdgården is one of Stockholm's many underground stations. But this is very special - especially if you are interested in Freemasonry.

Every year during the tourist season  a Russian choir

"Doros" is singing in the Church of St. Nazaire in La Cité / Carcassonne.

Enjoy especially the second of the songs, "Ave Maria"

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